c- Some exceptional innovations

11- FPS: Fixed Price Sales

An indisputable price with a direct transaction or through the electronic wallet to secure the deal.

12- NPS: Negotiable Price Sales

Get the best price quickly using a centralized counter offers manager. One of Reglomania''s major innovation.

13- Electronic wallet fees

Calculated according to the sale''s price and displayed when creating the ad. E.g. Price / fees: 30 € / 3 € - 120 € / 5,40 € - 500 € / 20 € - 2500 € / 100 €

14- The 10 reputation badges

Reveal a member''s involvement in the community and enhance more confidence during sensitive transactions.

15- The conciergerie

No time to take photos and upload your ads? In IDF we can take care of it. (Progressive and international deployment)

a- Unique and original concept

What makes Reglomania different?

1- Reliable members

Each registration is verified by phone by an administrator or has been sponsored by a member.

2- A justified identity

The legal generalized compliance for free opens full access to the community.

3- Quick membership by sponsor

Access directly validated by the sponsor who will be the guarantor of his godchildren. The admin process qualification is discarded.

4- Free classifieds ads

Enter the description with a max of 8 photos and it goes live for an international audience.

5- International deals

Your friends and their friends'' friends reside all over the world. Also Reglomania is borderless.

g- Why register here

Because you are cool and want to contribute to the launch of a great adventure.
Because you would like to support solidarity and mutual help actions with ease.
Because you know it''s not an ordinary ad site like it''s already done.
Because you do not want missed appointments, confusions, scams, grumblers, etc ...

Because to be regimented is to be elegant ... and it suits you perfectly on Reglomania.

And eventually win one of 10 stays * for 2 offered to the best ambassadors.

*Rewards to the first 10 members of Reglomania to get at least 8 badges, which are triggered according to achievements: nb. of invited friends, ads posted, transaction concluded and contribution to solidarity actions.

f- Meaningul ethical sponshorship

Reassuring to buy or sell with friends?

Reglomania is based on this same principle when sponsoring by the dashboard. Your friends will receive a registration link bypassing the phone call.

Friends will be associated with your account as your referrals.

It''s a real sponsorship on Reglomania as sponsor mediation may be required if needed.

The cohesion of the community is based on the same sharing ​​of righteousness values!

d- A responsible community

16- Recycle for less polluting

Giving new life to objects helps reduce overproduction and the negative impact of industrial activity. Appliances and hi-tech can also benefit from a breakdown guarantee.

17-Give power to your riddance

Throwing is a dry loss and giving makes a unique happy. Do better on Reglomania and set a symbolic value of recovery up to € 5 max. The sum will be entirely allocated to the solidarity and social action voted by the donor members.

18- Producing levers of solidarity

The more active members are in posting ads, sponsoring their friends, and promoting the community, the more this makes sense of Reglomania''s concept and strengthens its power of action.

e- A benevolent philosophy

19- Promote the consensual relationship

On Reglomania each member has friends who themselves have other friends here. These broadened preferential links make it possible to form a community of interest acting in the sincerity and the respect of all.

20-Creating Jobs

Reglomania is recruiting autoentrepreneurs in France for the concierge service. These are recurring one-off assignments for individuals in your area.

21- Solidarity actions follow-up

Reglomania controls the good use of funds in the field and informs its members. Knowing that get rid of an old couch or household appliances has been useful and has financed a solidarity action ... is simply priceless!

j- Reglomania in summary

b- Complete package of services

6- Electronic wallet powered by credit card

A safe doing to exchange a product for a payment code. If the item is shipped, funds are released from custody upon recipent''s acknowledgment.

7- Bundled international shipping

A calculator is available in the product sheet if the product is the feature is available. Shipping expense is the buyer''s charge.

8- Luxury products guaranteed or authenticated

Vendors have proof of authenticity of the product or accept official expertise at their expense (18 to 20€).

9-Breakdown warranty for used vehicles

Reglomania has exceptional advantageous conditions for cars but also motorbikes.

10- Batch products for sale

Dressing clearance, attic, housing, all best opportunities to seize are here specially if set to NPS (see no.12) .

The general FAQ

general FAQ

The practical FAQ

The practical FAQ